Primary School

As a local school in a global context, we celebrate our long history by striving to achieve a balance between continuity and change. Our approach to teaching and learning is responsive to international best practice and attuned to the needs of the children in our care.

Our holistic curriculum encourages children to look after their bodies and their minds: academic rigour is enlivened by an emphasis on creative thinking, intellectual curiosity and purposeful reflection; physical exercise, music, drama and visual arts give our learners the opportunity to delight in movement, sound and imagery.

The curriculum is underpinned by a strong Christian faith and value system, and compulsory assemblies and divinity lessons are an integral part of school life.

It is our intention to foster vigorous and resourceful learners who enjoy doing their best, understand the value of service and who are aware of the urgent need to care for our environment. Our learners are directed to think about the world and the work they will do in it, to desire to make a difference, in time, and to relate to others with compassion and grace.


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