Bright Stars Academy


At Bright Stars Academy we inspire young minds to be extraordinary. The strength of our faith, our commitment to excellence and diversity take us beyond the classroom, nurturing proud South African leaders with a global vision.


At Bright Stars Academy it is our mission to:

- Create and maintain a challenging, progressive, holistic and dynamic environment, which equips young South Africans to be good at life.

- Go beyond the classroom in developing young leaders as global citizens who highly prize integrity, values and morals.

- Concern ourselves with the school's beliefs that reach beyond the individual components of academy, sport and culture where success ultimately translates into confident, courteous and courageous young adults.

- Nurture and empower young people to become purposeful, compassionate and inspiring individuals who challenge mediocrity with a desire to serve their fellow man.

- Act as exemplary role models as a Board and as staff by setting a tone of professionalism, commitment and social awareness to education.

- Share the ethos of our school with our parents and the wider communities in which we operate.


Our values are:

- Our Christian ethos

- A heightened social awareness in everything we do

- Respect for everyone we come into contact with

- Honesty: trusting others and being worthy of their trust

- Striving for extraordinary achievement with humility.


Grade R is the bridge between the Nursery School and the start of formal learning. During the learners' Grade R year many perceptual development activities are undertaken. The basic skills needed in the following year, when formal learning commences are developed in Grade R with pre-maths, pre-reading and pre-writing activities.
These young learners leave Grade R ready to tackle the challenges of "Big School" with enthusiasm and enjoyment.


The learners in the Foundation Phase complete both group and individual work in the classroom, providing extension for the brighter child and reinforcement for those who need it, whilst encouragement and praise nurtures self-esteem and self-confidence.
The foundation years gives the learners in our care the basic skills they will need - both in academics and life - to cope with the many challenges that lie ahead.

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